Community Pulling Together for Gang Rape Victim

Community Pulling Together for Gang Rape Victim

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A couple of weeks ago, the community of Richmond, CA, and much of the country was rocked by the horrifying details of a gang rape that took place on school property during a homecoming dance. Seven individuals have been arrested.

As the poor 15 year old girl was being raped, several people stood around treating it as entertainment. They laughed and joked. They even took pictures and video.

The community is trying to repair itself as it tries to deal with this terrible crime. They held a vigil on Tuesday, November 4th, to show the victim that she does not stand alone. They victim did not appear at the event. But, she shared these words through her church pastor, “”We realize people are angry about this. But let the anger cause change, change that is necessary to keep our children, our neighbors and our friends safe…violence is always the wrong choice”.

Her story has touched the very soul of this nation. Cards, letters, and donations have been pouring in from all the country as people show this young woman that she is not alone.

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