Dog Saved from LA River Reunited with Family

Dog Saved from LA River Reunited with Family

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You have probably seen the miraculous recover of a dog from the Los Angeles River. A firefighter hanging from a helicopter wrestled with the dog until they both were safely lifted out of the water and returned to land.

It took a couple of days and heartbreak before Maria Medina realized this was her dog that had become so famous. On the day of the big storm both of her dogs had escaped her yard. Her Lab was found by animal control officers and returned to Medina. But, she had no idea where “Spikey” her German Shepherd had gone.

Then her kids saw video of the rescue on the Web. The family has since gone down to identify Spikey who was overjoyed to see his family again.

Currently, he is in quarantine. Once that is over, he will be taken home to be reunited with his family.

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