In Search of the Human Spirit is Reborn

In Search of the Human Spirit is Reborn

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I started this blog in 2004 after the election, our souring local economy, my increasing disability, and a host of other things left me quite depressed.

One day, I was reading an article and the line “in search of the human spirit” caught my eye.  In fact, it grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let go.  It made me think about how we tend to focus on the bad things going on around us and give barely a notice to the good.

It moved me so much I started to think of how I could change things, even if only in a small way.   I challenged myself to find positive news stories, then I created a blog around them.  This blog is the result.

But after my Dad died in May of 2010, I was going through grief and there was so much to do as I was moving.  I found that I didn’t want to many things…including keep up my blogs and websites.  It wasn’t so much that I was sad and couldn’t find any good in the world.  It was that I really didn’t care.

It’s been three years since my Dad died.  And, that got me to thinking.  My Dad was not perfect, by far.  But, he was someone who tried to do his little bit of good in the world.  Whether it was volunteering for Little League for over 30 years, chauffeuring the grandkids all over town, or chatting with every neighbor that passed his way, he made the world a little brighter for those he came in contact with.

Time heals and grief recedes.  Since things have gotten better for me and life doesn’t feel so heavy any more, I’ve decide to give this blog a second try.  I doubt there are any readers still hanging around after 3 years, but I hope that eventually, some will return and new folks will find this blog, too.

This is the official rebirth of the In Search of the Human Spirit blog.  Hope you enjoy it!

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